Current Exhibitions

Schmuck Erzählt / Narrative Jewelry

Tabea Reulecke & Anja Eichler

with a performance by Natalia Olarte Salazar


Narrative jewellery – the works of both artists express surprising statements and counterpoints. Tabea Reulecke’s jewellery is informed by humorous, often ironic stories, while Anja Eichler’s works visualize essential human experiences.

Atelier Martina Dempf in the Remise

Vernissage Fr 22. March from 19 h
Exhibition Wed-Sat 14-19 h
Finissage Sun 7 April 14-19 h

Performance 'Kali' Sa 23. March 16 h

Fraenkelufer 44 at IBA-Hof, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Current Exhibitions


Chaos - Curated by Jorge Manilla and Juan Riusech

Opening:  07.03.2018, 6-9pm

07.03-09.03, 1am-7pm

10.03., 10am-1pm

Zentnerstraße 3, 80798 Munich

400+ contemporary designs, 

Promopress, by Nicolas Estrada, 2018

Metalsmith in Print: Repair, 2017


AJF, 21 September 2012

Anja Eichler, Urbanauts


​​AJF, 28 October 2011

Fresh Talent: Anja Eichler


Oracular - Video

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​Fresh: Metalsmith in Print​​


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