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Contemporary Jewelry in China

Contemporary jewelry also got a foothold in China driven by an enthusiastic and talented community of makers, professors at universities who push the field forward in their departments and courageous people who open galleries for this kind of jewelry.


During my stay China I explored the scene and shared my insights with Art Jewelry Forum.


A portrait of Ubi gallery for contemporary jewelry and ceramics in Beijing, China

China: Contemporary Jewelry on the Rise, Part 1

in conversation with Shannon Guo (郭新)

Griddle Incense Ass - Or - Lost in Translation

Thoughts about Cultural Identity in Jewelry looking at Works of Shannon Guo (郭新)

China: Contemporary Jewelry on the Rise, Part 2

a portrait of Teng Fei, Head of the Jewelry Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Eastern Inch: A Western story

A Glimpse into a Work of Teng Fei

Body as landscape.JPG


A portrait of Wang Zhenghong

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