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​Anja Eichler, Germany

2011 - now      workshop in  Berlin/Shanghai

2008–2011     Alchimia, School for Contemporary Jewellery, Florence

1990–2008     MBA &PhD, jobs in hospital management and consulting


Latest Exhibitions​


0 NEGATIVE, Art Jewelry Night, Budapest

SITE EFFECTS, Art Alliance, Philadelphia, canceled 

IHM München Schmuckshow, Booth of the BKV - canceled 

SITE EFFECTS, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore, USA

Object Permanence, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore

SITE EFFECTS, Bavarian Association of Art and Craft, Munich


Narrative Jewelry, Atelier Martina Dempf, Berlin


Bauhaus Exhibition, Noon Gallery, Berlin

Adorned Spaces, In Touch, SNAG Conference Portland

In Touch, Munich Jewelry Week, Verein für Originalradierung

Chaos, Alliages, Munich Jewelry Week & Lille


Zeughausmesse, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin

MKG Messe, Museum für Kunst & Handwerk, Hamburg

Contemporary Craft Gallerie, Repair & Renewal, Pittsburgh

IHM München, BKV Stand, München


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