/artist statement

"A rockpile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single person contemplates it, bearing within him or her the image of a cathedral."

                                                           Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our relationship with a rock pile can change from one second to the next when we shift our perspective, have a new idea, look with a fresh and empathic look. Thus, we can discover new potential.

I’m convinced that what applies to a rock pile of also applies to all other relationships in our life - to relationships with other people, living beings, objects, routines, with our everyday lives, with ourselves.

In my work I pursue these aspects of the relationships  as well as their re-flection and trans-formation.

One part of my work consists of objects, often made out of everyday objects. These objects have the potential to be worn on the body but can also exist on their own. My objects can be attached on the body, slipped into a hem or a pocket, or be hidden elsewhere. The variety of options fascinates me.

In addition to portable objects, my work also results in definitely non-portable items: drawings, prints, photos / photo collages. The means I use depend on the subjects that inspire me and the emotions I want to express. For me, drawings are the most direct way to express emotions. Another way is to make use of the technology itself, or to approximate the result of a technology (photo) to another medium (painting) using technical means.

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