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/the forgotten memory

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/ die vergessene Erinnerung

'Forgotten Memory' is about aging, the progressive erasure of memory (dementia) and how this affects the relationship between two people.


It is a very personal account. At the same time, it is a story that happens every day and can affect each of us.

The project consists of a book that  illustrates the last years of my mother's dimentia with texts and digitally altered photos/photo collages and text. another part of the project consists of objects, some wearable some not. Some consist of woolen fabric, some of disposable gloves, which play a major role in caretaking. One of the dresses out of disposable gloves displays the biography of my mother's life that she wrote before she fell ill. The other three dresses illustrate the process of forgetting through the fading photos I printed on them.

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