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In a world that seemingly turns faster and faster, pressure and stress are part of our everyday life. Even children talk about it. What does this to us, our bodies and our being? 


I use a traditional technique for embossing structures on the surface of metal. The material that gives the structure is often paper or cardboard. It is a by-product of this process. My work is about the result that the paper leaves on the metal, just like that of the metal on the paper.


The extreme pressure in this process - both on my tools and on my body - is an important part of the job. The work process uses rolling technology in an untypical, even 'wrong' way.


Normally, the workpiece should be pulled evenly through the rolling mill with moderate pressure so that there are no pressure marks and the tool and your own body are not worn out. I intend the opposite. I want to create pressure marks, I want to strain material, tools and also my strength to the extreme.

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