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/so social

‚So Social‘ deals with our relation to Social Media. Literally, it’s often a ‚relation’ with a spectrum from Love to Love-Hate to Hate. The material of the work group is brass – since all that glitters is not gold. 

‚(Un)Chain My Heart‘ / ‚(Un)Chain My‘ Brain are about social media an many users‘ yearning, on one hand for Likes and on the other for inner peace and rest. ‚Hashtagged‘ shows a bird, that dependant on the perspective got entagled in hashtags or takes them out into the world. ‚Donald’s Duck‘ plays with the German term ‚Duck‘ that in context of news signifies  a hoax. ‘Donald’s Duck‘ alludes to Donald Trump’s twitter hoax.

The 'Handheld Device' connects its user's hand with a mobile device and thus makes it easy 'to stay in touch'. It can neither fall down nor be stolen. Plus, it can be worn as a pendant.