/femme fragile

The ‚Femme Fragile‘ is an image of women that was especially popular in the end of the 19th century. From the perspective of the men, often writers, who created the image, the ‘Femme Fragile’ is a woman who attracts attention through her tender and sickly beauty. The ‘Femme Fragile’ is pure and weak and needs male protection.


In my work, I refer to the historic portrait as well as to a three year stay in Asia where I realized that the image of the ‘Femme Fragile’ is still existent in society.


However, especially today, physiologic aspects are not always hinting at the psychological side of someone and who/what looks fragile does not have to be fragile.


Moreover, fragility can also be used to control ones environment since what/who is fragile has to be protected from the hardships of reality and be treated with care. Thus, weakness might as well turn out to be strength.


The central material of my works is the egg as a symbol of fragility and femaleness. The eggs seem to be fragile, and even if they are surprisingly robust, they tend to influence the behavior of the wearer them as well as that of other people towards the wearer.