Angry Stars on body.jpg


United in diversity, this is Europe’s motto. There are 12 stars in the flag, the number being chosen because it symbolizes perfection and integrity.

This series was realized under the impression of the crisis in 2015 where the European Union seemed on the brink of breaking apart because of disputes about financial issues and how to deal with refugees.

As somebody who still experienced Europe without it being a union, the thought that all what has been build might vanish again makes me very sad, even hurts me and also makes me afraid of the future and increasing nationalism.

My work expresses these feelings. It uses what symbolizes Europe, the star, the number 12, the flag(s).


Three of the pieces represent discomfort: 12 stars like razor blades wedged into each other as collier, 12 wire rings with squished and prickly golden stars, ear hangers far too heavy to be comfortable.  


The fourth piece is a decoration composed of threads in the colors of all national flags with 12 burnt golden stars and a frayed piece of European flag cloth. It asks a hurtful question – is this flag all that holds us together? I dearly hope that there is more.